An Intro to Jewsic

Shalom, friends! My name is Max Nachman and I am starting this blog as a passion project. I love music more than almost anything else, including talking about it. I have also been involved in Judaism my entire life, and although I am not very religious, I have studied and participated in the religious and cultural aspects since preschool. I enjoy combining my musical and Judaic knowledge in my spare time and even as a profession. For the past two summers, I have worked as the music specialist at a Jewish day camp where I taught the basics of music and Jewish songs to campers of all ages.

For the next few weeks, I will be blogging about my opinions on Jewsic, the word I use to categorize and describe ways that music and Judaism collide, combine, and coincide. This will include my personal thoughts on what I consider to be Jewish music, if music has to be religious to be Jewsic, how Jewsic relates to other genres of music and more. I may throw in some of my teaching experiences or even try and teach a song through this blog. My blog will attempt to expand on the idea of Jewsic and will grow each week with my personal thoughts, stories, and ideas about these two important parts of my life.

I am hoping that this will be a learning and growing experience for myself as much as it is for you readers. I am excited to delve into this Jewsical journey that started many years ago and I hope continues for much longer.

I will leave this first post off with a short video of my time at camp where I was teaching a group of campers a version of the song “Hinei Mah Tov” this past summer.