The Angelcy

Shalom, friends. This week I am going to take it back a notch from last week’s emotional post and talk about one of my favorite Israeli bands, The Angelcy. This band, in my eyes, is considered Jewsic even though they do not necessarily have anything to do with Judaism aside from being from Israel. This band has such a unique sound and a variety of influences like “old blues (“Roots of the Blues” and “Blues primitive”), reggae, folk-rock, progressive rock, gospel and Westerns music , folk music from Greece and the Middle East, music cabaret and gypsy music and is influenced by a wide range of artists including Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits , Bob Dylan and more” as stated in their biography from Wikipedia.

The Angelcy is made up of multiple musicians, including frontman, singer, writer, guitarist,  and ukulele player Rotem Bar-Or. Maya Lee Roman plays the viola, Uri Marom plays the clarinet and flute, Aner Paker plays the bass,  Udi Noar plays the drums and is the sound engineer.

What makes this band so unique, aside from its sound, is that when they were first starting, they focused more on their live shows and building their audience and fandom than anything else. They were extremely popular and sounded great live, which led to the radio station Galgalatz playing their songs “Dreamer” and “My Baby Boy” even though they did not have any public relations and didn’t try to get them there themselves.

I was first introduced to this band at the Jewish camp I worked as the music specialist at by my friend Shani, who was the Israeli specialist at the time. After listening to them for a little, they sort of dropped off of my musical radar when I went back to school until I went on my Birthright trip to Israel. It was there that I met a different Shani who brought them back into my life and I have kept listening to them ever since.

I would like to leave you guys with two of my favorite songs by The Angelcy, “Giant Heart” and “My Baby Boy,” as well as the suggestion that you take the time to listen to this band and check them out yourselves.


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