Jewsic Outside

I am so grateful that I know how to play music, and the warmer weather just illustrates that more and more. Recently, my campus’ Hillel hosted an educational Shabbat where we held an explanatory sabbath service for one of the religion classes, as well as anyone else who wanted to come learn about Judaism. For this service, I brought one of my guitars and played musical renditions for a couple of prayers. After the service ended, the weather was nice, so a couple of us from the service hung around on campus and sang some songs for a little.

This story, along with other personal experiences makes me think that there’s something about warm weather that is just more musical. When it’s nice outside, there are always people hanging out on and off campus making music. I’ve seen people in parks, in their front yards, and even on roofs, just chilling with some instruments and having a good time. Just this past weekend I was hanging out with some friends and we just decided it would be great to jam out because the weather was so nice and we were on a big porch. We quickly ran to my house and picked up a bunch of my instruments to head back and start playing. We ended up playing for a couple hours and everyone had such a great time. You can see a short video one of my friends took of us playing “Semi-Charmed Life” by Third Eye Blind below.

The weather recently has been amazing, and I highly suggest you grab an instrument, head outside, and enjoy some homemade music along with the sun. Shalom, for now!


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