Passover More Jewsic

If you do not already know, we are currently in the middle of the Jewish holiday of Passover. In recent years, there has been an abundance of Jewish musical groups that have made parodies of popular songs to illustrate the Passover story and rituals. These groups are typically a capella, but not all of them are. This week I am going to link you all to some of these songs as a way to help you learn more about the Holiday of Passover.

The first song I am going to share with you is an a capella parody of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk.” Six13’s 2015 version of the song goes over the basic story of Passover in a fun way.

The next Passover parody I am bringing you is a 2013 video from the Jewish a capella group, The Maccabeats, that is based on a couple songs from Les Misérable. They called their mash-up “The Maccabeats: Les Misérable, A Passover Story.” The video is extremely well done and I recommend checking it out.

I am going to finish my Passover parody recommendations while keeping the same theme of Passover and Les Mis, but moving away from a capella.  The final video I have for you is from Shalom Sesame is the anglicized variation of the Israeli version of Sesame Street.  It was created to introduce Israel and Judaism to children that were not fluent in Hebrew. This is a cute video of the Muppets looking for “Matzah in the House.”

I hope you enjoyed these songs and maybe even learned something new about Passover through these videos. Shalom, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday – Next year in Jerusalem!


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